Bring the Bears Home - Simply the best Breakfast Invitation

Bring the Bears Home - Simply the best Breakfast Invitation

Inside: Left to right progression activities for children. 

These color counting/sorting bears are a hot commodity. 

Sorting? Grab the bears. 

Counting? Yup, bears again. 

Left to right progression? Boom. Bears again.

Bring those little guys home. 

My point is, these bears are in our top ten supplies for kids. 

And that doesn't surprise me. When I was a teacher, these counting bears were also a power play when it came to learning. Counting and sorting is just a little more fun when these bears are included. 

So here it is. Our most popular Breakfast Invitation for left to right progression.

left to right progression activities for children

Now get this! 

The first time we set up Bring the Bears Home, I had everything ready.

The next time, my three-year-old wanted in on the setup

This was great. I like to call these a two for one Breakfast Invitation special!  

First, he began to create the bear's path using his Do-A-Dot Art Markers. 

Next, he brought the bears home following the sequence of colors that he created.

If I was doing this with my four-year-old, I would have had him focus on also creating a pattern.

But it is important to gauge what your children are ready for. I knew that my three-year-old could use some practice holding the marker steady placing one dot at a time on the paper roll. 

Take the time to think about where your child is at and do not feel the need to rush skills.

Slow and steady, one step at a time.

Keep in mind we have until Kindergarten to master key skills, so our job now is to expose preschoolers to concepts they will continue to hear come school age. 

left to right progression activities for kids

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What's the big idea?

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page. This is a great way to practice this now with your preschoolers! 

left to right progression activities for kids

Now, you are ready to get started! 

Use this idea for your next Breakfast Invitation or dinner prep idea! 

And if you love this, you will also love Busy Toddler's Animal Parade. 

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